Doulas in a Pandemic: What You Need to Know

By November 17, 2020Birth

Doulas in a Pandemic: What You Need to Know With all of the changes that have come our way as a result of the Covid-crisis, one thing remains the same: doulas are here and will stand by your side (whether physically or virtually) to provide the expert support, care and compassion that you expect. While doula support may look different during this season, here is what you can expect from me:

1. Cleanliness and Hygiene Precautions in Place During Prenatal and Postpartum Visits. I will wear a mask and wash or sanitize my hands during every visit.

2. Respect for Hospital Guidelines. I will follow your hospital’s requirements for the presence of doulas during your labor.

3. Assistance in drafting letters to change the hospital guidelines regarding doulas. If your hospital does not allow doulas due to covid-19 restrictions, I will help you write a respectful response to these policies, urging administrators to allow the presence of doulas in the labor and delivery unit.

4. Flexibility. Policies are constantly changing, and my services are flexible enough to conform to the needs of my clients. If, after hiring me, you discover that your hospital does not allow the presence of doulas, you can instead choose virtual support, a refund of 50 percent of my fee or 8 hours of postpartum support.

5. Resources. If you are frustrated with your current birthing place due to Covid restrictions, I have options for you to consider in order to obtain the birth you want. I will empower you to make the choices that will lead to your best birth.

Whether in a Pandemic or Paradise, doulas are essential for a healthy birth, happy baby and strong mama. I look forward to walking alongside you in your birth journey, no matter what turns your path takes.

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